The benefits of French cultivation
The benefits of French cultivation
Challenges of hay cultivation
Challenges of hay cultivation
Strong Partnerships
Strong Partnerships
Creating Quality Together.
Creating Quality Together.
Through strong partnerships, we ensure a reliable supply of high-quality hay.

HENO KING Mallorca

HENO KING Mallorca is your reliable partner for high-quality hay on the sunny island.

At K & K Hay Trading, we represent more than just hay sales – we are your reliable partner for high-quality feed. Since our establishment in 2017, we have built a reputation as a professional wholesaler delivering top-notch hay across Europe.

About HENO KING Mallorca

Our partner, HENO KING Mallorca, delivers our top-notch hay of outstanding quality to customers on the island of Mallorca. Additionally,
Heno King offers convenient straw packages of 15 kg, easy to handle.

Hay Quality and Origin

HENO KING Mallorca sources its hay directly from the French regions. As your main supplier, K & K Hay Trading proudly provides Lufa reports for the highest quality assurance. Each hay bale undergoes careful testing for dry matter, primary nutrients, energy content, minerals, trace elements, particle size, fermentation, amino acids, and vitamins.

Partnership with K & K Hay Trading

We take pride in having HENO KING Mallorca as our partner. At K & K Hay Trading, we supply HENO KING with dedication and expertise, ensuring high-quality hay for agriculture and animal care in Mallorca.

Contact information:

  • Phone: +34 683 19 15 05
  • Email:
  • Instagram: @logsercargo
  • Languages: English, Spanish, German, Catalan, and Mallorcan

References from Long-Term Clients: Our Strength Through Satisfied Partners

Utilizing Global References

Our customer base extends across Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, and Austria. Learn more about the satisfaction of our long-term clients and their experiences with our high-quality hay. Some of our esteemed partners have agreed to share their experiences.

Customer Consent for Address Mention

Insight into some of our partners:

Germany: EQUI-REHA Overbeck

Equi REHA Overbeck

Weiherstr. 22
45701 Herten – Westerholt

Contact : Hubertus Overbeck

Germany: Pferdehof zur Großermühle

  • Address: Zur Großermühle 8, 88299 Leutkirch
  • Contact person: Jörg Görgler
  • Phone number: 01522-7780571

Switzerland: Mrs. Nadine Hauri

  • Address: CH – 6289 Hämikon
    Phone: 0041 – 763374165

Mallorca: HENO KING

  • Address: 07610 Palma – Balares, Calle Samil 45 – 1 A
    Contact: Carlota Vidal
    Phone: 0034 – 683191505

Portugal: Lorenco Sport Horses

  • Address: Rua da Serra N 20, PT 2530-765 Santa Barbara
    Contact: Veronika Gallner
    Phone: 0035 – 1927506061

Austria: Creativio Drei Lindenhof

  • Address: Seeberg 1, AT 6731 Sonntag
    Contact: Birgit Burtscher
    Phone: 0043 – 6643993538

We value the trust of our partners and take pride in sharing their satisfaction with our high-quality hay delivery. If you have further questions, we are at your service.

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Contact us!
We are here for you.
We are here for you.