The benefits of French cultivation
The benefits of French cultivation
Challenges of hay cultivation
Challenges of hay cultivation
The optimal hay for horses
The optimal hay for horses
Dust-free, low-sugar, and certified.
Dust-free, low-sugar, and certified.
Premium Hay: Dust-free, low in sugar, certified. Ideal for discerning horses.

HD Bales & Large Bales

Quality Hay

Our HD bales are a prime example of top-quality. They are made from hand-selected hay from Brittany, known for its extremely low sugar and fructan levels. This high-quality feed not only promotes the health of your animals but also ensures optimal nutrition.

Benefits and Applications

A HD bale weighs 20 kg and is easy to handle. There is no waste during feeding. Storage is also possible for horse owners without large storage areas.

From a medical perspective, the HD bale made from maritime hay meets three important requirements:


Low sugar and fructan content.


Metabolic disorders are naturally addressed:
a. Horses replenish their mineral balance more quickly and consume about 10% less.
b. Due to the light salty taste, horses drink significantly more water, leading to better digestion.


The HD bales are dust-free and completely mold-free (the hay does not need to be steamed).

For horses with respiratory diseases such as COPD, asthma, allergies, or metabolic disorders and problems like diarrhea or laminitis, our Marine Hay in HD bales is a real relief and great help. Veterinarians recommend our hay, and farriers are enthusiastic about it.

Production of the HD bales


For production, a large bale is dissolved. The loose hay is first de-dusted using a dust extraction device. Then, the loose hay is passed through a vibrating screen, and all small particles (residues in the feeder) are filtered out.




The clean hay is then compressed into an HD bale weighing 20 kg.

HD Ballen – Presse


Then, 21 HD bales are bound together to form a Multibale.

The Multibale (260 x 120 x 90 cm) can be handled like a standard large bale.

It is secured with 4 straps to ensure safe transportation.

Customer Options and Delivery

Our HD bales have a fixed size of 90 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm and weigh 20 kg each. Our customers have the option to customize the delivery quantity to receive exactly what they need. The variety of our offerings reflects the diverse requirements of our customers.

Multibales by truck – 32 multipacks of 21 tied HD bales

  • Delivery by truck with multibales EU-wide, including Switzerland.
    Delivery of smaller quantities – varies by region.

Single delivery from Bochum:

Single HD bales are delivered
Appointment required
Transport price depends on the delivery location

Pick-up of single HD bales (available at all locations):

Bochum in North Rhine-Westphalia
Weimar (Lahn) in Hesse
Leutkirch in Bavaria

Delivery on pallets

Pallet shipping for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland:

Delivered are 18 HD bales per pallet from Leutkirch/Bavaria
Shipping costs depend on the delivery location
Delivery dates can be accommodated

Prices on request


Equi REHA Overbeck

Weiherstr. 22
45701 Herten – Westerholt

Contact Person : Hubertus Overbeck

Quality Control and Certificates - HD Bales

The quality of our bales is subject to strict controls to ensure the highest standards. Our certificates from Lufa demonstrate our ongoing commitment to quality assurance and confirm our outstanding product quality.

Description and Features - Large Bales

Our large bales are a true expression of top-notch quality and natural essence. Made from carefully selected hay from the green expanses of France, they represent the highest standards. Each bale is characterized by natural freshness and purity to meet the needs of your horses.

Delivery of the large bales

Delivery of the large bales

  • The delivery is made EU-wide, including Switzerland.
  • 32 to 36 large cubic bales are delivered, depending on the truck.
  • Deliveries are made 1 week after receiving the order.
  • A large cubic bale weighs approximately 525 kg (240 x 120 x 90 cm).

Delivery to Mallorca

  • Our partner in Mallorca is the company HENO KING.
  • Since 2021, we have been delivering our quality hay in large square bales.
  • There are more and more discerning horse owners on site who appreciate the reliability and quality.
  • We plan to also deliver our HD bales to Mallorca starting in 2024.
    Currently, we can only deliver full truckloads with multibales.

Quality Control and Certificates - Large Bales

The quality of our large bales is ensured through rigorous controls. Each bale meets the highest standards, and our certificates from Lufa attest to our commitment to quality assurance. Trust in the purity and freshness of our large bales for the well-being of your horses.

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